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Green RoomThe Green Room

  • Directed by: Danny Even
  • Produced by: Ernie Joseph and Cheryl Cowan
  • Written by: Danny Even and Lisa Wilcox
  • Starring: Shawn Telford, Basil Harris, Demetrius Sager, Sean Donavan, Tyler Stowens, Doug Fahl, Ben Andrews, Bradley Goodwill, Margret Romeo, Vanessa Cobbs, and Ryan Middleton
  • Websites: Facebook Page
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The Green Room is a teaser short for a future web series. The film represents the first section of the pilot episode. I play a bar patron named Deke, who has a lot of local lore to tell regarding Seattle bands. - Doug

The Green Room – Teaser

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Junk PosterJunk

  • Directed by: Kevin Hamedani
  • Produced by: Eugene Luskin & Eugene Gershman
    - HK Silver Light Studios
  • Written by: Ramone Isao and Kevin Hamedani
  • Starring: Kevin Hamedani, Ramon Isao,
    Cooper Hopkins, Brett Davern and James Hong
  • Websites: IMdB | HK Silver Light Studios | Facebook Page
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Junk was my second feature film directed by Kevin Hamedani. I play a cameo role as Karaoke Karl in a sequence filmed in Seattle’s Unicorn Bar. This scene reconnects me onscreen with my ZMD co-star, Cooper Hopkins. This shoot for me was a lot less intense than ZMD. My sequence was shot in one night. I’m happy to have made the final cut of the film. You will also find several other ZMD co-stars in featured cameos throughout the movie. - Doug

Junk – Teaser Trailer

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Zombies of Mass Destruction

Zombies of Mass Destruction was my first starring role in a feature film. I loved working on this movie from the very beginning and owe a lot to Kevin, Ramone and John for taking a chance on me. I play Tom Hunt, a gay stockbroker, who returns to his hometown to come out to his over-bearing mother. Then all hell breaks loose when zombies attack. This film exceeded my wildest expectations by playing in major film festivals all around the world and eventually being picked up as one of the AfterDark Horrorfest 4 Films. - Doug

ZMD – Original Trailer

ZMD – Theatrical Trailer

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  • Directed by: Jay Cynik
  • Written by: Jay Cynik
  • Produced by: Punch-Brand Films
  • Starring: Marcio Catalano, Nate Jensen, Doug Fahl, Trevor Gumbel
  • Websites: IMdB | Facebook Page
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PUNCH marks my second feature-length role. I play Dart, a cowboy from hell who manipulates residents of a small town into heinous and bloody acts. Dart was a very fun role to play–a sinister villain, with a sense of humor. As an actor it was really a chance to sink my teeth into a part that is nothing like my own personality.- Doug

PUNCH – Teaser Trailer

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The Dead Men PosterThe Dead Men

The Dead Men is a gritty crime drama full of corrupt criminals and even more corrupt cops. I play Detective Tufts, a cop who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The role was a lot of fun to play and offers and lot of dramatic fun. This feature-length movie will be released sometime this year.- Doug

The Dead Men – Teaser Trailer

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Speak Not PosterSpeak Not

  • Directed by: Hugh Douglas Berry
  • Produced by: Serius Films
  • Written by: Hugh Douglas Berry
  • Starring: Doug Fahl and Nina Carduner
  • Website: IMdB
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Speak Not is a short film I was cast in shortly after finishing work on PUNCH. It gave me the chance to play a different kind of tough character–one who has a softer emotional side and some depth and complexity to him. I also got to do a lot of stunt driving with cameras mounted on the car and play around with guns yet again.- Doug

Speak Not – Teaser Trailer

Speak Not – Behind the Scenes

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A Measure of Comfort

A Measure of Comfort marked my first role where I don’t point a gun at someone. This short film follows the relationship of a writer who meets a young woman at a party. It deals with the ups and downs of relationships. I play the supporting character of Jack, who’s seemingly perfect marriage is falling apart when I discover my wife’s infidelities. This role gave me the chance to sink my teeth into some nicely written dramatic scenes and I got to work with my PUNCH co-star, D’Angelo Midili again. The movie premiered at Seattle’ STIFF festival in 2010. - Doug

A Measure of Comfort Trailer

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  • Directed by: Stimson Snead
  • Written by: Stimson Snead
  • Starring: Charissa Adams, Gene Thorkildsen, Heather Ward,

    Doug Fahl, Jon Reis, Lezlie Moore,
    and Shereen Khatiblo.

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Margins is a short film about the dueling realities of a damaged young woman. I play Andrew, part caretaker, part troubled husband, part psychiatrist. This film can be viewed here in its entirety.- Doug


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